Good Town Hall 10 War Base Designs for 2018 and 2019

TH10 War Base | Town-hall 10 War Base | Tested At Champion

The second th10 war base can be just as beautiful as every we shoud state far better!

The Air shield of this bottom is actually potent also with Hidden Tesla, XBows and Mortars the earth soldiers are also managed pretty much. We analyzed it at the Champions League and you also may observe the results yourself right down!


This bad-ass base can be really a TH10 Trophy base is a Anti two celebrity warfare base. The most useful characteristic of the bottom how well your heart is designed to offer maximum security. The Hidden Tesla, Giant Bombs along with other strong defenses which you visit at the center Constitute to the Killzone of this foundation,


The resource ring is also extremely luring but each resource is shielded by a potent defense therefore that the enemy troop can endure no opportunity to survive.

COC Town-hall 10 Pushing To TITAN Cup

The amazing design of this bottom is a struggle to acquire in. The walls of this bottom along with also their smart arrangement could be your most useful item from the bottom. The enemy will really go nuts locating the ideal spot to attack out of. And if he can, he wont manage t this up into the heart living. If you should be pushing the Titan's cup, then do not thing and make use of this particular base!

WORLD'S Greatest BASE! Defended into Titan! Build + Replays

Just as it looks, this TH10 war bottom is your main one of their ideal Trophy base. Each center resource is put at different region of the bottom with different defense arrangements round it. The power such a design gives us this the enemy troops wont stick together but may divide up that makes them better to be murdered. Use this particular base while in the Titan's cup and then showoff your wins and Trophies!

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